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“Of all ghosts,  the ghosts of our old loves  are the worst.”  SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE,  The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

 Our services include Low Level Blessings and Prayers to help protect you and your family from Negative and/or Demonic presences in your home or business performed by an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church (ULC) with credentials available upon request. We are also versed in Non Christian and other forms of protective Blessings and Prayers to accommodate your particular belief system.

Blessings are not something to be taken lightly or done on a whim. They can actually cause the activity to get worse if whatever is there decides it does not want to leave or feels it is being challenged. We do not recommend Blessings be done except in cases where Negative or Demonic activity is strongly suspected or has been verified.

Our main purpose is to collect evidence and do low level work to help protect and not confront the Entity. If evidence is gained that support it, we will contact a group who specializes in this type of activity and assist them if needed. Also we will not perform any service unless we do an investigation first on our own. No offense to other groups, but we do not put our team in harms way without knowing firsthand what we are dealing with.   

We do all of our investigations using state of the art equipment and tried and true methodology in order to find the answers you  are looking for. All of our investigations are done in a discreet and non destructive manner. We honor and respect your privacy and want you to be totally satisfied with the services we offer.

We have no problem with you taking part in the investigation if you desire. We love to educate the public about our group and its methods. We perform all of our services Free of Charge.

We  use images of our hunts on our sites to promote our group and its efforts, but will never show anything that is identifiable to the general public without our client’s express permission.   Our clients are made aware of this before any hunt begins.

We are proud to be your hometown Paranormal Team. We love our Hometown and are proud to be a part of your community.