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Co Founder  /  Spiritual Services

Ordained Minister of ULC Universal Life Church

Reverend William Dewayne Patterson D.D.

My name is William Dewayne Patterson and in August 19, 2012 I and Terrica Hudson formed this group because we felt there was a lack of a Christian and Science based Paranormal Investigative Group in the North Georgia area. Since that time we have been busy with Private Residence and Historical Hunts in and around the area and even several hundred miles around.

    I grew up here in Murray County and I am proud of my heritage and the history of this quiet little place. I grew up listening to the stories and legends being at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and being in the ancient homeland of the Cherokee Indians. It was only natural that I would embrace this line of research eventually.

   I also became ordained as a Minister on August 25, 2012 and it has allowed me to explore my faith in regards to Blessings and Prayers that aid my group and Clients with exposure to the Paranormal. I continue to grow and learn and love to help those who find they need our services.

Recently I completed Seminary courses from ULC in Divinity. I finished my Bachelors, then Masters and finally my Doctorate in Divinity. I also have a Special Certificate in Supervision and a Mini Certificate in Management and Associates in Technology Management all from Dalton State College and I am currently finishing up my Bachelors in Organizational Management from Belhaven University.

We recently added a series of Historical tours to our Roster and enjoy educating people about what we do. Come out and meet us at some of the local events and if you have any problems with the Paranormal, we stand ready to assist you.

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