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“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little  before it will explain itself.” Charles Dickens Ghost Walk Tour Payment Link

We are Murray County Paranormal Investigations and we  all share a passion for Paranormal Research and for serving our community. We are proud to say that we maintain the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.


Founded in August of 2012, we came together from various areas and in some cases other groups to form what we felt was the model of what our convictions embody. We all share a Christian perspective and an appreciation for science that come together to shape our methodology and offer a unique approach to Paranormal Research.

Though we have a Christian Faith, we can accommodate almost any religious or non religious viewpoint. We have the tools to handle almost any situation and are committed to finding answers for our Clients.

We are also committed to preserving Historical Sites in our area as well and we honor the dead by preserving their places on earth and the legacies they leave behind.  To that end, we never endanger any sites we are entrusted to investigate and leave things as they were when we got there.  

We believe you and want to help.  Our services are always free and confidential.

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